Friday, 20 February 2015

"Your blog has been dead for over four months"
yeah.... sorry about that.

This blog has been dead and I am sorry to announce that it will be dead from now on.
Or atleast fallen in a coma.
It's just that seems like writing longer posts has been an issue for me but at the same time I dont wanna bother to come here to tell you about just one little thing so...

But however this does not mean that I would become silent because of this.

What you see here ^ is the first post of my secondary blog in tumblr, which will kind of be replacement for this blog but with just small textposts and pictures.

You can go there by clicking the picture or going here:

So I guess this is a goodbye for some of us so

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

always on the run

Hello again.
I updated last time three months ago, I am alive and full of ideas.
I haven't been so active here on my blog, but I am ultra active on twitter, @Takara_sama, so there you can follow more what's happening.

I kind of did lots of stuff during summer holiday and kinda didn't. I thought for a moment that I'd do a massive post where I tell everything I remember and show some pictures of the 300 I have on my camera waiting, but... nah. I don't think anyone bothers to read that.
So Instead of making a huge massive post I'll give you a list.

List of 10 things-I-have-done-while-not-updating-my-blog:

1. I started Journaling, which has been great. I love the book and I love that I can spend time with it writing about the day or thoughts or lyrics or anyhing.
It really sorts out your thoughts.

2. Tea.
       Exited about a new movie?  -Tea
       Favourite character died?  -Tea
       Had a breakdown?  -Tea
       Taking over the world? -Tea
       Stressed out?  -Tea
       Have no idea how to get rid of a body?  -Tea
       Reading a good book?  -Tea
       Feeling cold?  -Tea
Is there anything else to say? I mean I have a cup of tea right now while writing this

3. I have spent lots and lots of time in youtube and this has something to do with number ten, but just wait for it

4. I continued writing and I reached 15k! And also first three persons have read through the first printed version of a small part, which was 12 000 words. I got my first comments, first OTP has been named and first time I feel extremely confident with the fact that I don't write complete bullshit.

5. I did a bunch of origami. I mean, I have done origami stars a long while, but now instead of having just a box of stars I have even bigger box of stars and I have a box of dragons and I have no idea what to go with them... I'll figure it out.

6. I have read eight books and I'm a slow reader so... that's alot.
(this involves crying over fictional characters, screaming, laughing and lot's of capslock.)

7. I made a new banner! Finally! Look at it! It is beautiful, and it might change a little bit from time to time so heads up.

8. Performed a few dance solos alone in empty dark house at 4am don't judge me

9.The Tv-Series Marathons. Let's not forget those. I found Kyle XY again, I highly recommend it. And also new DoctorWho started so I marathoned the latest season two days before the first episode of the 12th Doctor came out.

10. Got an Idea. This one is a biggie for me. And I told you it has something to do with youtube. Have you guessed yet? Vlogging. That is the Idea I had. I am not sure about this because I am not extremely confident and that might effect on this.
But If I get enough opinions about this I might even do it.
You can vote about this, just look at the top gadget on the right or leave a comment (which I perfer)

So this is all I wanted to write about.
You have seven days  to vote and tell your thoughts about me vlogging. I'd really like to hear all of your opinions so go on! You can tell it also anon.
The voting will close 10.9, so the time starts now!

                                                  - Takara

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Speak with tongues

Hello, good morning-afternoon-or-night, whatever the time is now that you are reading this.
I am really sorry I might slip a few typos here and there, afterall it is past midnight and I should be sleeping but nope.

I'm not actually quite sure why I came back here to write, because there is nothing really to write about. Yeah I went to HypeCon, which was... holylord two weeks ago. I was there as a staff member, sitting around looking useful and stuff.
Bands were amazing, people were beautiful...
But no one really wants to hear about that?

I also changed my rooms order. Again.    Again.
Not sure should I or should I not make a roomtour post, please tell me shoul I
- I am going to keep this order for a long while - promise

What else, what else?
I've been finding four-leaf-clovers again. Three so far if I remember right. Yes you are allowed to hit me for finding those.
If I am ever going to write a book about my life it will be named Neliapila (Four-leaf-clover)
We had a picnic with friends and I found one that was five-leafed. And damn it was cold.
Cold in the middle of summer - literally, what the fuck Finland.

And yeah, people, call me and come over for a cup of tea
because I can not promise you that I would be willing to go out even thought I'd be free - which I am by the way almost all the time - so that is the best way to actually see me.

And then to the actual thing that I came here to write about - writing !
4 Days before NaNoWriMoCamp starts again - and guess who idiot decided to take part.
But this time I am deadly serious with this novel, my word-count goal is only 20 000 words but I will fucking hit that target because so far I have failed with every single goal and I am not willing to fail again.

The novel I am starting to write is called Turning Crowns.
I will link my profile from the forum in the end of this post if you are interested to read the synopsis or to see the little cover I made for it just about fiveteen minutes ago with my non-existing skills.
It is fantasy, princesses and princes,
   maybe a bit cliché lovestory, but not the traditional kind.
I started properly planning this about two months ago, the idea I have had a bit longer.
I have planned the characters - looks, personality, everything - and I have the storyline sketched, kingdoms planned , hell I have even chosen my writing-soundtrack.

This is probably the first story ever that I have planned this much and I have a feeling that I can actually make this, I can actually do this and finnish this.

So here is the Profile, to read the Synopsis of the story, I highly recommend you to read it:

It is surprising how well I manage to go on after I finnished reading the Infernal Devices.
That trilogy actually ripped my heart out of my chest, I cryed more that I cryed reading TheFaultInOurStars and I am not afraid to admit that. It was even worse than Sherlocks Reichenbach fall or DoctorWhos Doomsday.
Or it's just me, I should probably never fall in love with a character of a book,
that never ends well...

But I'll let you go now, wish me luck on my writing !

                                  - Takara

Sunday, 15 June 2014

If I were

So as I'm sitting here and the clock is -angel knows what- and I saw this somewhere and I thought it'd be nice to try doing in.
I also added a few of my own that came up to me while doind this.

If I were a month, I’d be January
If I were a day of the week, I’d be Sunday
If I were a planet, I’d be Neptune
If I were a time, I'd be midnight
If I were a animal, I’d be a Peacock
If I were a piece of furniture, I’d be a chair
If I were a gemstone, I’d be an Amethyst or turquoise
If I were a flower, Id be a dried rose or lavender
If I were a kind of weather, I’d be gentle snow on a bright cold winter evening
If I were a color, I’d be the colour of the Nightsky
If I were an emotion, I’d be hesitation
If I were a fruit, I’d be a green apple
If I were an element, I’d be water
If I were a place, I’d be forest
If I were a taste, I’d be my favourite tea
If I were a scent, I’d be rain in the forest
If I were an object, I’d be a pillow
If I were a song, I’d be Echo - Jason Walker
If I were a pair of shoes, I’d
be sneakers
If I were a mythical creature, I'd be a
Warlock or Hydra
If I were a kind of book, I'd be a Hardcovered fantasy novel

I won't ask anyone to do this but feel free to do one yourself, link me in the comments so that I can see it. 

Other news, there has been progress in my writing stuff.
In which one?
Both of them. I planned out the storyline for my other project and I am working on the backstory and motives for the other.
Do you think I should make a separate page up there for my writing-projects? because I don't know if anyone is interested of hearing about them... 

                       - Takara

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

What to do?

Summer holiday! What a wonderful thing! You have all the time you need now to do anything you want!    But is it that simple?
Without school taking my time, I'm lacking of things to do - and I don't want to sit here on the computer all the time.

If you are facing this same problem, I am going to show you some stuff you can do with all the time you have - using pictures!

1. Go outside

Don't just sit inside, go enjoy nature - have a picnic with friends, call an old friend for a walk and talk about everything that comes to mind, go swiming, go jump on a field

2. Travel

Pack your bags, take your mosquito repellent, first aid kit, camera and sunscreen.
Jump into the first train that comes, walk to the other side of town, investigate the nearest forest, go camping, go for a hike - the possibilities are endless, just go for it.
And take a friend with you, never travel alone.

3. Clean and Re-organize your room

Yeah, cleaning sucks, but it is a good way to find stuff. And changes do good for you so re-organizing your room will be fun.

4. Plant

Plant flowers, vegetables, trees, anything.
I planted this avocado last year and - despite the cats attempts to destroy - it is still growin. Success makes you feel wonderful.

5. Read

Books are the most amazing thing in the world. Words creating a whole different universe.
Finnish that book you bought years ago or go to a flea-market and find old books to read
- they are cheap and you never know if you'll find the story of your life.

6. Write

Start a writing project. It'll be fun.
You may have a small idea for a story wandering in your mind. Now is a perfect time to start turning it into words.
Plan the characters, plots and add some drama - not to forget the dragons.

7. Drink

No, not alcohol. Tea, coffee, juice, smoothies.
Try new flavours and try new styles, you might find a new favourite.

8. Learn to do origami

It takes just a little time to learn and there are so many different things you can do with a simple square piece of paper. I've been making dragons and now I'll share you a good video of how to make these:

9. Write a letter

Write a letter for your future-self. Write your dreams, write your thoughts, write how proud you are of yourself. Something that will make you happy some day.
Write the year you can open it to the envelope and hide it between an old photo-album or your scrapbook.

10. Have time with your friends and family

They are all we have and they deserve some time from you.
Play old board-games for example. It'll be a great start for a new civil war in your family.

Hope you all will have a great summer and good times with your friends!
Throw me a comment if any of these helped you or share your own ideas for everyone to try!

                                              - Takara

Sunday, 18 May 2014

You shall be upgraded

Let's be honest. I am here to avoid reading to my test (which is tomorrow and I have no idea what the area is). School stuff is one thing I'll probably never get done, but I am not completely useless person (I am.).
Finally I did something, as a reward I am eating icecream. And you can go check what I did because I am talking about that "Animals" page under the banner up there. And also I updated the "me" page with a list of books.

What else have I done? I've bleached my hair (atleast I tried).
Really, try bleaching completely black hair. I dare you.
I thought I wouldn't put pictures in here, but after thinking for a while I finally stood up and got my camera.

... And of course NOW my internet decided to be a slow bitch so three trips to the fridge, one cup of tea and eight pages of ClockworkAngel later here we are

How- How do you get a result like this? How?
I actually like the colour, if you ignore the fact that I had completely white/blond roots before I threw some orange on them.
But no worries, back in black when the fall comes.

This weekend I thought I would be able to sit down and read good books and not give a flying fuck about the coming test-week - but no - it's my littlesister's b-day and I had to show my face to ppl.
No worries, I am not gonna write about how small children invaded our house, I am going to write about me making cake decorations.

Yeah you heard me.

You can clearly see that I was baking with the power of Baileys. Okay not really, there was just a drop and we needed more space to the fridge.
But yeah, I made a dozen of pink flower petals, believe me, I was this || close to throwing something throught the walls I am  not  a baking-person.

Don't come close to me when I'm baking alone.

Then again we'll jump into another topic called writing.
I am going to work on three stories during the summer holiday and if I won't get atleast one of them halfway done I give you the right to hit me. I know one person who will hit me anyways if I won't start working on one specific one of those stories.
If you want to beta-read, just contact me

As a ending to this post I recommend you to check out the "Animals" page up there and maybe my update on the "Me" page
and in case if you after reading stuff about Japi won't believe that he has a bad habbit of making my cleaning harder then here is a proof because he doesn't just play with the vacuum cleaner - he attacks it.

If you have any ideas of updating the "Animals" or "Me" page, tell me your ideas any way you perfer and if you have suggestions about what my next post should be, tell me about them in the comments

                         - Takara

Friday, 9 May 2014

Stories of shadows, angels and paws


Good evening, I salute you. It is a beautiful typical Finnish weather out there, raining and wind and I'm wet like a sewer-rat. And the reason for that is that the dog was too bothered about his majestic fur getting wet that he didn't do his business. Fucking diva.

Anyways, there were couple pretty nice days this week, one happened to be tuesday. Tutor-camp day. I decided to take my camera with me, so here are few successful pictures

on the way
my future house
we all know what's happening here ...
sacrifice-circle, okay not really

So we had a good time, atleast I had. Group games, working together and I got few comments that I'm good in leading and showing ways to go forward, keeping the group moving. But the highlight and the meaning of the whole trip was the damn good food, really, it was heaven.

Nothing more to say about that, even tho it is the only thing worth mentioning about what I have gone with my life again. I finished reading my the Mortal Instument books and I can't wait to read the last one. Oh god why did I open those books, another fandom to ruin my life. Not that I mind ♥.

But seriously, if you buy me books, I'll give you my soul.

..... no don't buy me books that'd be awkward for both of us no don't do it

More meaningless things about my life: I finally got a notebook where I've started to write down my ideas for a novel/story/crap. Atm I have about six ideas and I'm working on one so that makes seven.
None of those will propably never see the daylight, but I'm writing anyways.
If you want to help help me with them, just hit me up and you might see a glimpse of one

Also, I am planning to dye my hair again. Because I cannot be with black hair in summer, I'd die in a heatstroke. But no worries, back to black in the fall.

Again, not that much text, just a pile of pictures. Had zero actual reasons to write here, thought I'd light (or darken) up your day a little bit. You can still throw comments, no-one is waiting with guns (maybe knives but no guns)

I'll get back to drinking tea like there is no tomorrow

                    - Takara

I should't listen to this, it makes me want to dance and go throught fighting technics
yes, at the same time

Ps. a snakes yawn looks cute

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Run before you run out of blood

As far as I can remember, I've always loved the nature.
      The main thing that I can remember from being a kid is that I loved to play outside, obviously. We lived next to this tiny forest and there was a small stream. I played there and imagined that I was something like a fairy or a fox. Don't tell me you never did something like that - running around in the fresh air playing - it's like the best thing in being a kid.
      Then one year after I started school, we moved into another city. We lived in the downtown and we didn't have a proper yard. After making friends I used to play with them in the park close to our school, and we did that until we moved from 6th grade to 7th.
      Junior high school - everyone knows the time when you are a horrible teen - fresh air is for losers or something. Yeah, I stayed pretty much inside. I still was close to nature in a way. My bestfriend had birds and a snake and I loved to hang out in there sometimes. And my grandparents took me to our cottage in the summers, and there I was never just sitting inside.

      Now I've started to appreciate the natures details and all the small things even more. Flowers, birds singing, all the green around you, I's relaxing. After Japi moved here, I've started to run away from stess, kind a literally. Nowadays we live closer to a large forest, it is easy to just take the dog and go out. The forest is a conservation area (?) and I like that there are just a few asphalt roads, few bigger dirtroads for the joggers, but the paths I walk are the smaller ones. You can see small pathways going between the trees, every time I see one, I go there. Except when I'm running, then I need to take one of the 'better' roads - otherwise I might break my ancle with a root or a rock or something...
      You all should leave your electronic devices and go out and look around yourself. Spot a troll or something. Or run. Since summer is coming and the moskitos are waking up they are craving for blood so run for your life, run as fast as you can  -  or don't.... it feels like getting shot afterwards

((old photo since I've been lazy with camera))

      So today I felt like writing this kind of crap about myself, I won't bother you with any longer post so I'll start finishing now. I thought about writing about hobbies and stuff like too, but I'll leave that to the next time when I have nothing to write about.
(((Now I have nothing to write about because I'm too deep in the Mortal Instruments book series, shut up I'm fine)))
      I'm also working on the "Animals" page of this blog (in my mind ofc I can't do anything in time), but I need a scale so I can get the weight of my little darling Avalon. Another thing I should do is get a new banner. I don't know how many thimes I've said something about it but yeah...

I'll leave this post here with a song ((yes it's from Mortal Instruments movie shhhh)),
feel free to throw a comment or something.
And really... go out to the nature and just breathe.

                                                                                   - Takara

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Freak soul

I'm here to write something as an excuse to get off writing. Makes sense, right?
NanowrimoCamp Day 6.
Words so far? 5024. and counting.

I'm sitting here with a really weird flowercrown in my head. I shall make a better one some day.
You can already see that I actually don't have anything to say here. Maybe I'll just tell about small things that I've done?

Here, have a ultimate-adorable picture of our cat.
That book? It's Mortal Instruments AKA Varjojen Kaupungit. Three first books, apparently there are two more? I need to find them! NOW!
Okay I'm just starting to read the third book but holy shit this is a really good book.
Atleast for me.

Another thing I'm going to mention is that I got a new bed!
As someone od no-one may know, my bed is my castle, my territory and so on, so switching to another bed is big deal for me!
But it's good, it's comfy, a bit more narrow than my old bed but I can manage.
Why did I change my bed? Because I can. And I'm partly thinking about my future home, don't ask.
my old castle
notice the height difference!

Yeah there's a cat in the first picture, but a dog in the second, tadaah

Japi has settled in pretty well. At first our cat was batshit freaked out but he's getting used to the dog already. (eats his food and so on, that bastard)

But I'll get back to writing and thinking about what the hell should I do to that banner I goddamn hate it someone do something about it?

I may even change this appearance a bit anytime soon, because I'm writing a part I don't like so anything but that goes at the moment... should I clean my room? 

                    - Takara

Monday, 31 March 2014

Camp with dogs and fantasy stories

I thought about giving you a quick update, I hope I won't misspell anything that badly 'cause this really is just a"quick update"

What is that camp? Well it's NaNoWriMo Camp!
I'm gonna start writing tomorrow, but I won't talk about it more than this.

anyways, hey
 Big Announcement!
New familymember!

This is Japi, my uncles dog. He moved in last sunday and he's kind a my dog now ♥
I made a new page up there called "Animals" And I'll update my pets there as soon as I have time and good pictures.

We spent last weekend with my friend Netta and her dog.
We went for a walk in Kulomäki and more pictures of our adventures I think you can find >Here< 
All credits of the pictures go for her, (thank you honey!)

And I want to give special thanks to Jenna, for taking me to movies.
Only Lovers Left Alive was the most beautiful movie I have ever seen and
Captain America - the Winter Solider was just something too awesome to describe.
Thank you Darling, thank you 

And guys, the testweek started again.
How do I keep going even tho I feel like falling to the floor and giving up on everything?
those keep me going,
you can find the best bribes:

Plus I'm reading a really good book atm so I can bribe myself with that,
which reminds me, I shoud go back to planning my characters and scheming my plot.

So, so long and see you soon.
[I shound get a new banner]

And now you can sit down and relax for a moment with a song from OLLA soundtrack

                               - Takara